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“To be implanted, or to be crowned? That is the question.”

Here at American Dental Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we like to think that’s how Shakespeare would’ve written that line if he’d been a dentist. Then again, he was from England, a country not renowned for their dental work. It’s a vain hope, we suppose.

Kidding aside, when you reach the point in life that you have to choose between crowns or implants, it’s not an easy decision. Dr. Dhiraj Sharma understands that and wants to help you make a great decision. To aid you in that process, we’ve put together this post detailing the differences between implants and crowns.

Dental implants are a straightforward solution, and they’re increasing in popularity. If you have a tooth that’s badly cracked or damaged, or even dead, then an implant is a good choice. First, the old tooth is removed. Then, a titanium post is inserted into that tooth’s place. A crown is placed on top of the post, and the tooth looks so real that only another dentist can tell it’s fake.

A crown is a great choice for people with smaller imperfections in their teeth. They’re also good if you’ve ground down the biting surface of your teeth. Crowns are essentially caps that fit over your tooth, to give it a new surface. They’re placed on your teeth by carefully grinding away the broken portions, then cementing it in place.

There are a ton of different options if you’re looking to fix your smile. For more information, get in touch with us today at 773-284-1645.