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Even a small cavity that goes undetected or untreated, will eventually spread. As the tooth decay escalates, the bacterial presence can start to invade deeper and deeper into the compromised tooth. In time, it could infiltrate the root of the tooth and the surrounding gum tissues.

Disconcerting symptoms of a problem like this often includes pain or pressure in the gums near a tooth with an untreated cavity, as well as a worsening toothache. In some of these cases a dangerous dental abscess can start to develop.

Without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, the bacteria of the dental abscess could potentially spread to your bloodstream, leading to severe medical complications.

If it is caught in time, our dentist might be able to treat the severely compromised tooth with endodontic therapy. A treatment plan like this might also call for draining the fluid from the dental abscess.

Recovery measures will likely include a course of prescription antibiotics and pain medication, which will need to be taken as directed to help your gums heal comfortable, while any lingering infection dissipates.

The final phase of the treatment typically calls for Dr. Dhiraj Sharma to fit the treated tooth with a dental crown, which will restore the tooth’s essential function in your mouth.

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