All-On-4 Dental Implants


Perhaps you already know that dental implants offer the healthiest, most natural feeling and longest lasting way to restore your smile. But for the 30 million+ Americans who are missing all of the upper and/or lower teeth, the revolutionary All-On-4 dental implant procedure provides a way to easily replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth by using just 4 implants.

Let’s begin by understanding what a dental implant is and why it’s the ideal solution for teeth replacement.

Restores Your Natural Mouth

A dental implant replaces your entire tooth – including the root – using a combination of a surgically implanted titanium screw and a realistic, custom crown. This combination gives you the complete natural feel and function of your original tooth. No more unstable biting and chewing which is common with traditional options like bridges, crowns or dentures.

Preserves A Youthful Appearance
Because the implant is surgically implanted in your jaw bone, it prevents future bone loss resulting in the maintenance of your jawbone and facial structure. Other options that don’t implant in the jawbone result in bone thinning, additional wrinkles and eventually changes the entire shape of your face!

Easy To Maintain
Because an implant looks, acts and feels like your natural teeth, you maintain them just as if they are! Daily brushing and flossing is all it takes to maintain your dental implants.


The All-On-4 is a revolutionary procedure because it allows you to replace your entire upper or lower teeth using just 4 stable implants, resulting in a less invasive, faster and more affordable alternative.

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$100 Fee for All-On-4 an Evaluation – which will be applied toward cost of procedure



What Does the All-On-4 Cost?


At specialized dental implant clinics, pricing for the All-On-4 procedure frequently exceeds $30,000 which additional costs possible for special circumstances like bone grafts, complicated extractions and more.

At American Dental, we perform the All-On-4 dental implant procedure for only $20,000 with no additional charges for special circumstances.

While not inexpensive or trivial, the cost of the procedure should be weighed carefully against the priceless feeling and confidence of having a bright, beautiful and natural smile again.



Why American Dental?


Thanks to the advancement of dental technology, procedures like dental implants and specifically the All-On-4 are much more readily available and affordable. While implant specialty clinics may have at one time held limited advantages over a traditional dental clinic, that’s simply not the case anymore!



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$100 Fee for All-On-4 an Evaluation – which will be applied toward cost of procedure