American Dental Associates is committed to using advanced dental technology to provide our patients with first-rate care and comfortable treatments. One of our advanced dental tools is the iTero® digital scanner. With this technology, we can offer our patients a series of benefits on top of our already reliable and high-quality care.

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • More efficient and personalized treatment planning
  • Quick, easy and painless scanning. No goopy impressions necessary!



Why Do We Use the iTero® Digital Scanner?


Digital scanning provides a complete and accurate replica of your mouth for more accurate diagnoses and efficient treatment plans



Digital Replicas of Your Mouth

The iTero® digital scanner uses a small wand to create a digital replica of your mouth. Our orthodontist will gently and painlessly move the wand across your teeth while the iTero® scanner captures images of them at up to 20 images per second. Once your entire mouth has been scanned, the images compile together to create a complete, 3D digital replica of your mouth.


Precise Diagnosis & Planning

The iTero® scanner takes images in full color, which makes it easy to distinguish between healthy or damaged tissue or teeth, and to diagnose any issues. In addition, the complete, digital replica of your mouth makes it easy to plan precise and personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs and goals.


Comfortable & Quick Process

Using the iTero® digital scanner is a quick, comfortable and easy process. Patients simply need to open their mouth and our orthodontist will carefully and gently move the small iTero® wand across the surface of your teeth and gums. The images that the iTero® scanner takes will automatically load to the imaging system and compile your digital replica.



About the Procedure


Using the iTero® scanner is a completely safe, comfortable and pain-free experience



Scanning Your Smile

To scan your smile, our orthodontist will have you open your mouth and move the small iTero® wand across the surfaces of your teeth. This process is quick and completely painless. In a matter of seconds, your scan will be complete.


Creating Your Digital Smile

As our orthodontist scans your smile, the iTero® wand will take up to 20 images per second. These images are processed instantaneously and added to the imaging system. As more images come, the imaging system creates a complete and highly accurate digital replica of your mouth. In addition, each image is automatically saved during the scanning process, so you never need to have a second scan!


Treatment Planning

With a complete replica of your mouth, our orthodontist can easily diagnose alignment or other orthodontic issues that require treatment. We can also use your digital mouth to plan your treatment steps. If you are receiving Invisalign® treatment, the iTero® digital image of your mouth can be used to create your customized aligners.



Why Should You Choose American Dental?


Expertise you can count on


  • Our clinics are modern with state-of-the-art technology to maximize your comfort and success
  • Digital scanning provides a more accurate diagnosis for a more effective and personalized treatment
  • Family-owned and operated with 20+ years of dental experience

American Dental Associates is pleased to utilize our iTero® digital scanner at 3 of our convenient office locations:

Midway Airport
5342 South Archer Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60632
Lincoln Park
1610 West Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60614
Palos Heights
13303-A. South Ridgeland Ave.
Palos Heights, Illinois 60463



Jaw Dropping Reviews


Our patients are all smiles


“I forgot I was at the Dentist’s office. The staff up front were very welcoming, helpful and friendly. The decor of the place was very warm and updated with a classy touch.”
– Adam Y, Skokie, IL
“These guys were great! I recommend this facility because of its warmth, professionalism, and fast service.”
– Yvette S, Chicago, IL
“I highly recommend it. They were even kind enough to play music to calm my nerves while performing my tooth extraction.”
– Lorraina M, Chicago, IL