Braces are a time-tested and effective way to straighten teeth and correct misaligned bites. They can be used to correct smiles for both younger patients and adults. Correcting your smile with braces can offer several benefits right away and in the long run.

  • Straighter teeth make it easier to have a healthy mouth
  • More confidence and self-worth
  • Affordable
  • We will explain everything you can expect during your treatment
  • We will help you care for your braces during treatment and your smile afterwards



Why Should You Get Braces?


Treating your smile with braces offers several benefits to yourself and your smile



Healthy Smile

Straight teeth make it easier for you to maintain a healthy smile. You can easily brush all surfaces of your teeth and get floss in between each tooth. This helps keep food and plaque out of your mouth, which ultimately reduces your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease. An aligned bite can also prevent unnatural wear and tear on your teeth, which can reduce your chances of getting a chipped or cracked tooth. You can also avoid strained jaw muscles and bone erosion.


Improved Speech

Your teeth and jaw alignment can greatly affect your speech, for better or for worse. With braces, our orthodontist can straighten crooked teeth and align your jaws to help improve your speech. If you have a lisp or other speech issues, you may find that they go away after your braces treatment is complete.



One of the most significant and immediately noticeable benefits of treating your smile with braces is an improved look and renewed confidence. When you know your smile looks great and is healthy, you can be more confident in showing it off to others.



Getting Your Braces


The process of getting your braces is fairly simple and can be completed in our practice


Before you begin your braces treatment, you will need to have a consultation with our orthodontist. During this visit, we will examine your mouth to determine your current condition. We will also talk with you to understand your smile goals and needs. In the end, our orthodontist can help you know if braces is the best treatment option for you, or if you will require additional orthodontic treatments to achieve your ideal smile.

Putting On Your Braces

The process of putting on your braces can take between one and two hours. First, our orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth. Next, we will apply bonding glue to the front surface of each tooth and attach the brackets. We will then place the archwire in the brackets so that it runs across all of your teeth. Finally, we will use elastics that wrap around the brackets to secure the wire in place.

Regular Adjustments

During your braces treatment, you will visit American Dental Associates for regular adjustments. During these visits, we will remove the elastics and archwire from your brackets. At this point, you can brush and floss your teeth. Once your teeth are clean, we will replace the wire and elastics; however, your wire will be a little shorter than before so that it can gently pull your teeth to where they need to be. You may experience some soreness after your adjustments, but this will go away after a few days.


After your braces treatment is complete and your braces are off, you can finally enjoy your new smile! However, it is important that you take the necessary steps to keep your smile straight for the rest of your life. In most cases, this involves wearing a retainer. Our orthodontist can provide you with a retainer that fits your new bite as well as instructions on how often you need to wear your retainer.


Types of Braces


Depending on your dental needs and goals, we offer several different types of braces for you to choose from

Traditional Metal Braces

These braces are what you picture when you think of braces. Metal braces are made up of high-quality stainless steel and are highly effective in correcting misaligned bites and crooked teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work exactly like metal braces in that brackets are attached to the front surface of your teeth. However, these brackets are made of a translucent material that makes them virtually invisible. This option is great for patients who wish to keep a natural-looking smile during their treatment.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces work just like traditional braces. However, instead of placing the brackets on the front surface of your teeth, the brackets are placed on the backs of your teeth. This makes lingual braces invisible to others but still gives you the same benefits as braces.



Why Should You Choose American Dental?


Expertise you can count on


  • Your braces treatment and the type of braces you receive are based on your personal needs and goals
  • We offer both traditional and innovative treatments to give you more options
  • Our clinics are modern with state-of-the-art technology to maximize your comfort and success
  • Family-owned and operated with 20+ years of dental experience

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Jaw Dropping Reviews


Our patients are all smiles


“I forgot I was at the Dentist’s office. The staff up front were very welcoming, helpful and friendly. The decor of the place was very warm and updated with a classy touch.”
– Adam Y, Skokie, IL
“These guys were great! I recommend this facility because of its warmth, professionalism, and fast service.”
– Yvette S, Chicago, IL
“I highly recommend it. They were even kind enough to play music to calm my nerves while performing my tooth extraction.”
– Lorraina M, Chicago, IL