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Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you. Crooked, crowded teeth or a misaligned bite can make you feel self-conscious no matter what your age. The good news is, with today’s advances in orthodontics, straighter teeth aren’t just for kids and teens anymore.

Now more than ever adults are successfully straightening their teeth for a healthier, aligned smile. Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic fix or wanting to improve your dental health, orthodontics can be used to overcome issues that you may have had for years or have gradually developed over time. This is because teeth can shift over the years even if they are healthy otherwise and end up affecting your bite.

For those with overbites or underbites, orthodontic treatment can be an effective treatment. This is important because misalignment makes it harder to clean teeth and sets the stage for oral bacteria and plaque to build up.

At American Dental located in Chicago, Illinois, we are pleased to offer our adult patients braces and clear plastic aligners. If you opt for braces, these use brackets, wires and elastics to align your teeth and jaw. We offer traditional metal braces, ceramic or clear braces, and lingual braces (placed on the back of the teeth). Some of our adult patients prefer wearing removable clear aligners instead. We offer Invisalign® aligners which use clear plastic trays worn over your teeth to gradually shift them. Just wear them 22 hours a day and switch them out every two weeks or so until the teeth are aligned.

Since people are living longer, having a healthy smile is more important than ever, and today’s orthodontics offer you many options. If you have been wanting straighter teeth and are ready for a change, we are ready to help! To find out which treatment option is best for your needs, please give us a call at 773-455-0234. Our experienced dental specialists are here for all of your oral health needs.