Chicago Dental Implant Special

Implants Give You The Healthiest, Most Natural Smile


  • Look, Feel & Function Like Your Natural Teeth
  • Increased Comfort & Confidence
  • Affordable
  • NO Anxiety, NO Pain, NO fear
  • We Explain What To Expect During The Procedure
  • We Provide Excellent Aftercare
  • Procedure Performed by Board-Certified Oral Surgeons & Periodontists




Our $2999 Implant Special includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Consultation – We answer ALL your questions
  • Panorex X-Rays – Full panoramic view of your mouth
  • Titanium Implant – Becomes stable & natural part of your jaw
  • Custom Abutment & Crown – Perfectly match your surrounding teeth

3 Convenient Chicagoland Locations!



Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option for your oral health while maintaining the look and feel of your real teeth.


Your Natural Mouth

Unlike other teeth replacement options like dentures, bridges or crowns, a dental implant replaces your entire tooth, including the root.  Why is this important?  By replacing the full tooth, an implant replicates your natural tooth function with a strong foundation and comfortable biting and chewing. It feels completely natural!


Maintain Facial Structure

Here’s the truth, when you don’t replace the full root of the tooth, you will eventually experience bone resorption – or the thinning of the jaw bone which occurs with missing teeth.  What’s the big deal about a thinning jaw bone?  It actually changes your facial structure resulting in additional wrinkles around your mouth and even your teeth moving closer to your nose.  Dental Implants maintain your jaw’s integrity, keeping your mouth strong and healthy.


Better Oral Hygiene

Dental implants can be cleaned and cared for in exactly the same way as natural teeth.  No special tools or treatments like other teeth replacement alternatives.



Perhaps the most significant benefit of dental implants is the renewed confidence you have with a comfortable, healthy and natural looking smile.  All our patience agree that implants have helped restore their self-confidence and self-esteem.




Why should you choose American Dental?

Expertise You Can Count On


  • Your procedure will be performed by board-certified oral & maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists
  • Premium Quality Implants – we do not use generic, low-cost  implants
  • Custom abutment and crown is fabricated locally in Chicago
  • Our clinics are modern with state of the art equipment to maximize your comfort and success
  • Family-owned and operated with 20+ years of dental experience


American Dental performs dental implant procedures at 3 of our convenient Chicagoland offices:


Lincoln Park
1610 West Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Palos Heights
13303-A. South Ridgeland Ave.
Palos Heights, Illinois 60463

Midway Airport
5342 South Archer Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60632




Jaw Dropping Reviews

Our Patients Are All Smiles


“They always get to me right away and the staff has always been pleasant. Scheduling is good. They have convenient office hours.”
– Angela T, Chicago, IL

“These guys were great! I recommend this facility because of its warmth, professionalism, and fast service.”
– Yvette S, Chicago, IL

“Painless & Perfect. Clean office and courteous staff.”
– Derick J, Chicago, IL