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There are several different forms of dental restoration offered at American Dental Associates. This includes using a dental bridge to replace a single missing tooth with a piece of dental work that comprises an artificial tooth with an open crown on each end. This allows the dental bridge to be cemented onto abutments prepared from the two neighboring teeth.

As durable as a dental bridge is, it is still possible for something like an accidental blow to the mouth to cause significant damage or to affect the cement that holds it to the anchoring abutments.  If your dental bridge feels loose or has been damaged you should not delay in having it examined by a dentist like Dr. Dhiraj Sharma.

Try not to play with the compromised dental bridge while you wait for your appointment. Even a small degree of manipulation could lead to significant complications.

If an immediate oral trauma has left blood or other unwanted material in your mouth you can gently rinse it away with a little lukewarm saltwater. Otherwise, you should not attempt to brush, floss, or clean any part of the compromised dental bridge. Any required cleaning measures should be left to Dr. Sharma and his professional training.

Once Dr. Dhiraj Sharma has assessed the severity of the problem, Dr. Sharma can help you understand the most effective method for treating or treating the compromised dental bridge.  

If you are in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have a loose dental bridge, you should not delay in calling 773-284-1645 to have it examined at American Dental Associates.