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A Word to the Wise about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth

A Word to the Wise about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth— they don’t make you any wiser, but you would be wise to always keep an eye on them to prevent major problems down the road. These problems can occur if your wisdom teeth surface out of position or if they are impacted, meaning they are blocked from surfacing by your other teeth.



Bacteria can form when food is trapped by wisdom teeth that are out of position, leading to cavities. This bacteria can also invade the gums and cause infections. Impacted wisdom teeth can create cysts and damage neighboring teeth and the roots of your teeth. In addition to the pain associated with these problems, there also is the possibility of tumors developing.



The professional staff at American Dental Associates can determine if your wisdom teeth are currently causing any of your oral health problems or if they are likely to cause problems in the future. Sometimes the best solution is to have your wisdom teeth removed before any complications occur. The removal of your wisdom teeth will not impair your ability to chew or affect your appearance. If your wisdom teeth are not removed, be sure to keep a close eye on them, floss around them, and schedule regular dental visits.



To monitor the health of your wisdom teeth, just schedule an appointment with American Dental Associates by calling (773) 284-1645 or visiting New patients should visit to fill out our New Patient forms. We have eight convenient offices located in Chicago, Palos Heights, and Cicero. For exact locations, maps, and office hours, visit

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