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Dr. McCarron to the rescue!

For not having insurance for almost 6 years of my life, my teeth were pretty banged up. I nearly had an anxiety attach at the mere thought of going to the dentist because I knew I had something up when every time I drank or ate something cold, I had a shooting pain on the left side of my mouth.

Dr. McCarron to the rescue! Ok, corniness aside, she’s wonderful. As a child and through my teens, I never had the actual dentist do my routine cleanings. It’s always been the assistant or hygienist that does the dirty work and the dentist steps in after for 5 minutes, tells you to floss and moves on with their day. This is not the case here. Dr. McCarron is with you from beginning to end. She actually gets to know you and your teeth so you don’t have to explain your life story every time you return for a routine cleaning. She’s extremely thorough and filled the 4 (eek!) cavities I had from being without insurance for so long. It sucked a little, but don’t all fillings? When I go a long period of time without going to dentist, the anxiety returns but Dr. McCarron fixes my teeth from all the cupcakes and cookies I so love. She’s motivated me to really be good with my teeth and I recommended my fiance to her, so we both do our nightly flossing together (romantic, isn’t it?).

The actual office is really nice and spacious. A lot of dark wood throughout and they even offer free parking in the adjacent garage. Each chair you sit in is pretty high tech and has it’ TV , so you can catch the news or focus on something else while they’re cleaning you up.

The only thing that is a little annoying is how I’ve always had to wait, even with appointments and even with showing up early. I know she’s popular and awesome and delays happen, but for the past 3 years, I’ve never been seen right on time. No one is perfect and I can deal with this small issue so I will keep coming back!