Has your tooth got severely damaged due to tooth problems like fractures? Are you facing a situation where one or several teeth are missing? Opt for our high quality dental crowns and bridges. They are made of quality material such as porcelain. In order to fulfill the unattractive gap in your mouth, bridges are the best viable option. Our dental crowns and bridges are durable. The dental bridges placed by us are completely natural-looking and comfortable. They are of several types namely cantilever bridges, conventional fixed bridges and resin-bonded bridges.

Crowns also known as caps and are used to cover the broken or cracked teeth. Porcelain crown give outstanding results to the patients. Moreover the final restoration looks amazingly natural. Crowns improve the appearance of your smile. Our experienced dentists are proficient in fitting a crown and that too with great care and attention. Crowns are customized as per the patients needs. Our dentists guide you about the proper oral hygiene and care of the crowns so as to make them long lasting. Our highly trained dentists use state of the art dental hand pieces (drills). Our dentists might advise you to floss in the area of the crown so as to avoid excess plaque. They also recommend you to avoid eating brittle foods, ice or hard candies as they can damage the crowns.