Get Exceptional Dental Bridges Done by Dentists In Chicago

Having missing teeth is a matter of great embarrassment and you might be searching for a good option to solve this problem. Your Chicago dentist can solve this trouble of yours by providing you dental bridges which are customized to suit your requirements.

Why should I get my missing teeth replaced? missing teeth

You might be under the impression that missing one or two teeth can never harm you in any way. Well, you are absolutely wrong if you think so. One missing tooth can create an imbalance in your oral cavity because the neighboring teeth have a tendency to move into the space created by the missing tooth. Once this happens, your bite pattern changes and that can lead to undue strain to the muscles of mastication. The remaining teeth have to bear the complete stress exerted while chewing or grinding food. Earlier, the load was shared by the missing teeth as well.  Besides, tooth movement can create unsightly and unhealthy gaps between your teeth.

What is a dental bridge? dental bridge

A dental bridge is made out of two parts- abutments and pontic. An abutment is the part of the bridge that is placed on the teeth adjacent to the edentulous (where tooth is no more) space. These teeth are called abutment teeth and they are trimmed and shaped for the exact placement of a bridge. A pontic is an artificial tooth or crown that is fixed to the abutments and is actually responsible to replace the missing tooth.

Why should I go for a dental bridge?

Out of the numerous tooth replacement options, the installation of dental bridge is considered to be a wise one. The dentists in Chicago will perform the procedure of installation in an extremely comfortable and affordable manner. The various advantages of having a dental bridge are listed below-

  • Brigs back your smile
  • No undue stress to the remaining dentition so has the role of preservation of the remaining oral tissues as well.
  • Prevents teeth movement hence is a preventative measure to avoid gap formation.
    Mimics natural teeth in appearance and functionality.
  • Maintains the facial features so that your skin does not sag in areas where teeth are no more to support them from within.

What should I expect when I go to my Chicago dentist for dental bridge?

Your dentists at American Dental Associates Ltd having 7 locations in Chicago, will evaluate your mouth to see if your case meets all the ideal requirements to proceed with a dental bridge installation. Once it is confirmed, your dentist will administer local anesthesia and reduce the thickness of the teeth adjacent to the edentulous space with the help of a high-speed drill.  This is to create space to accommodate a dental bridge. Thereafter, an impression is made which acts as a base on which your bride will be fabricated. You will be provided with a temporary bridge so that your prepared teeth remain protected from thermal or mechanical insults (like very hot tea or extreme biting forces). When the final bridge is ready you will be called for the process of fixing it. Your dentist will fix the bridge with the help of luting cement specially meant for that purpose.

Now you are ready to wear the best smile without feeling shy as you look just like how you looked before, or rather, even better!

So go ahead and schedule an appointment with us to know all about Dental Bridges and its pricing and financing and insurance coverage options.