Abscessed Tooth

Treatment of an abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth is one that has infection within the tooth and has spread outside into the surrounding tissues resulting in pain and swelling. An abscess can occur due to various causes like trauma, dental decay, gum disease or any other factor that exposes the inner chamber of tooth to the external bacteria. When the innermost part of the tooth, called as pulp, that contains nerve fibers and blood vessels get exposed to infectious microorganisms, the pulp gets infected. The infection passes through the roots of the tooth to the outer tissues that surround the tooth. This way the whole area gets inflamed.

An abscessed tooth can have symptoms like-

  • Pain while eating food
  • Swelling around the infected tooth
  • Fever
  • Bad odor
  • Pus discharge from around the infected tooth.
  • An opening (called as sinus) through which pus discharges outside.
  • Increased redness in the affected area

You can get your abscessed tooth treated by us American Dental Associates Ltd, having 7 locations as  dentists in Chicago. We will ask you the complete history regarding pain and swelling. Questions asked mostly are –

–          When did the pain or swelling start?

–          When does the pain increase?

–          Do you have pain while chewing?

–          Is there any discharge that you see or feel oozing out from the tooth in question?

Based on your answers, the dentist will be able to understand the nature of your problem. An additional X-ray may be required to understand the extent of involvement.

Treatment of an abscessed tooth-

First of all, the infection has to be brought under control. Ideally, your Chicago dentist will drain the abscess. Drainage of an abscess is the process by which the pus within the tissues is forced out thereby relieving the internal pressure. This way the patient experiences a big relief. After that, the dentist puts the patient on a course of antibiotics and painkillers. In some case, direct drainage is not possible. Such patients are asked to start off with antibiotics and painkillers directly.

Antibiotics are generally prescribed depending on the history of patient.  Antibiotics heal the current infection and prevent it from spreading to the other neighboring tissues. Painkillers prescribed are Ibuprofen usually. Painkillers can relieve the level of pain to some extent but are not a cure for abscess.

The most important step of treatment is the elimination of the cause of infection. This can be done by root canal treatment, extraction of tooth or surgery. In root canal treatment, the tooth is preserved by eliminating the decayed pulp tissue from within the tooth and filling the empty space with an inert filling material. Pulling out of a tooth is considered as the last resort. Surgery is thought of only in extreme cases where the loss of bone is immense and the infection is profound. American Dental Associates Ltd, the dentists in Chicago has facilities at its all locations in Chicago to provide all kinds of best treatment in Chicago land area to relieve you dental abscess pain.

An abscessed tooth should never be considered lightly and should be dealt just like an emergency. You must get yourself treated for such conditions to avoid life-threatening complications like airway obstruction.